Awakening To Our Awful Situation (book 2) by Jack Monnett (2009)

If political Freedom is lost in the United States, it will be lost worldwide. The American people have a tremendous responsibility to preserve the opportunity of Freedom for all people. If the enemies of Freedom are successful in destroying liberty in our land, they will not dare to leave a remnant of those who remember liberty, who might then foment rebellion against the tyranny that has been imposed. Those who engage in secret combinations or conspiracies are generally those who promote institutionalized wickedness. �The end justifies the means� may well be the motto of these groups and is descriptive of their behavior. The Book of Mormon tells us of many secret combinations in the last days, and that is what we are seeing in our time.

Dr. Monnett has assembled possibly the best short version of the major government cover-ups and conspiracies available today � providing powerful evidence that secret combinations do exist today within that very government and control its highest levels. At a time when America desperately searches for answers and good leadership, Jack Monnett pulls back the curtain and shows what is taking place and who is pulling the strings. He has put together a most succinct treatise on secret combinations, and the details about those involved in the evil that is attempting to destroy our country. 396pp. 978-0-9819527-4-1 [-government-]


Code: 02-218

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